Pro and Cons of Online Dating

We live in a connected world making it possible to find a date online. It is no longer necessary to step out of the house to meet that someone special as there are dating sites. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages to going online to find a mate.


Always to your advantage

The advantages far outweigh the setbacks. There are XXX online dating apps that we can join. These apps even make it much simpler to find a mate because some are for members that have a specific goal in mind, such as having sex. If you look for a date online, you can find someone during your leisure hours. There is also that fabulous ability to go incognito, just to be able to take a look around!

Dating sites vary

The goals of the people who go online to find a date do vary. Some are looking for marriage while others want a hookup, and the different sites cater to those and other goals. Some websites make membership limited to those of a certain age bracket or religious belief. Some websites for online dating have international members, like

The disadvantage

Though you can get to know someone from a faraway place,  the disadvantage is that it might be a superhuman feat to meet. You might have to take a bus, a boat, or even have to ride a plane! Though long-distance affairs may work out, the impediment caused by distance has to be overcome. 

Long-distance affairs

Though long-distance affairs have historically worked out since the time of pen-pals, technology makes things happen at a faster pace. Since snail mail is nearly a thing of the past,  the world has adapted to technological advances, especially in communication. To nearly everything, there are pros and cons, depending on your point of view. If the distance is one thing that you can overcome, then you will find easy to find someone through online dating.

Ideal online dating site

The ideal dating site is one that has a ‘finder’ with results showing people available to be your date in and around your area.  Though you can travel far to be with that potential partner, for practical reasons, it is a good idea to just choose among those nearby. That is important, especially if your goal is sex dating.

The biggest risk

The pros and cons are the same as pen-pal dating except that the person is virtual. There are risks, of course, such as discovering that your potential does not look like their picture. The biggest risk is that you can get your heart broken if you fall in love. If you are interested in getting an online date,  the first thing to do is to place yourself out there. Without an online presence, no one will ever find you. 


The biggest advantage of online dating is that the expectations are clearly stated.  There is no need to cajole someone to go to bed with you when you join a sex dating website. You can skip the courtship ritual if you join a hookup site. With your goal in mind, be it for a hookup or a long-term relationship, it will be much easier for you to decide which among the online dating apps to join.